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    BI-FORCE designs, manufactures and deliver chargers for the bat-
    tery industry worldwide. Developed charger technologies with soft-
    ware ensure that your batteries are charged in a safe and ener-
    gy-saving way.

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Industrial - Conventional

Chargers for industrial application with thyristor

Industrial - HF Chargers

Chargers for industrial application with Switch Mode technology

Marine - HF Chargers

Chargers for marine application with Switch Mode technology

Li-Ion - HF Chargers

Chargers for Li-Ion application with Switch Mode technology

Charger Stands

Design, production and installation of automatic charger stands

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One resource - all the products you need

From chargers to spare parts and charger stand systems, we offer everything you need for your technical center or workshop.

We know quality standards of batteries

We value providing our customers with high quality products that will meet the technical requirements

BI-FORCE - 25 years in battery industry

We provide solution-based selling considering the importance of quality and technical requirements

Added value services - warehouse, logistics

We provide a hassle-free experience and deliver goods to your doors

Continious cost optimization

We provide you with price-competitive products, thus helping you to reduce costs

Planned deliveries

Our operations team tracks the stages of production, shipment and delivery to meet your needs